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Jul 23, 2020

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath | Fashion & Lifestyle

 6 Tips And 1 Bonus Tip To Get Rid Of Bad Breath


In this Post I Write about a one of the biggest confidence killers in the game something that will make your friends stay far away from you it will make girls walk away when you try to talk to them and it will make you feel like you're doing something wrong bad breath everyone has it right sometimes when you wake up in the morning you have that Bad Breath in the Morning  or maybe you eat something that has garlic in it and then you can smell that as well you just have to be aware of it and neutralize it as soon as possible and here is write about a What is Bad Breath, Reason for bad breath,Bad breath Reason,Bad Breath Cause,Bad Breath from stomach, Bad breath in the morning and you get 6 Tips and 1 Bonus Tip To Get Rid Of Bad Breath. 

What Is Bad Breath 
Bad Breath is described as an unpleasant smell in the breath which is detectable by others Most of us worried about having bad breath at some point while it's not dangerous, it can be embarrassing especially as we get used to our own odours and often don't know we have it.

Reason For Bad Breath or ( What Causes Of Bad Breath)
Bad Breath Reason may include :-
  • Eating or drinking strong smelling or spicy foods and drink 
  • Problems with your teeth or gums such as gum disease, holes in your teeth or an infection crash dieting.
  • Some medical conditions like tonsillitis or acid reflux 
  • Smoking

Tip Number One the worst smelling bad breath usually comes from bacteria living in between the gums in between the teeth and on the turn so tip number one is pretty simple maintain good oral hygiene and you might be thinking to yourself now and do maintain good oral hygiene now if you do maintain good oral hygiene and that's fantastic but a lot of people  tend to miss a few important steps or do a few things wrong for example a lot of people tend to brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste which is great and then they end up rinsing their mouths out of water or with a mouthwash and this is wrong because you're getting rid of all that good fluoride now a few of the things about maintaining good oral hygiene include brushing your teeth and gums are these twice a day flossing your teeth at least once a day cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper using a fluoride toothpaste and most importantly having regular dental check-ups also.

Tip Number Two Is what you eat if you're going on a date in 20 minutes for example you definitely want to stay away from some types of food anything that's too garlicky or too saucy or too spicy try to eat something a little bit lighter so that it's not gonna linger in your breath all night long can you imagine kissing someone and tasting what they had for dinner two or three hours ago no matter how hot you are how many abs you have how cool your outfit looks that's disgusting no one wants to taste that so if you're gonna have that type of food that's a little bit heavier saucy garlicky or anything like that then you want to make sure that you're not gonna be close to a lot of people for the next hour or so.

Tip Number Three consider using a mouthwash every single day now I think it's especially useful to use a mouthwash let's say when you're out and you've eaten and you don't have a toothbrush with you to brush your teeth then you can use the mouthwash that's going to neutralize those chemicals that can cause bad breath now which mouthwash should I get there's so many to choose from well the good news is that there's been a number of clinical trials that have shown various ingredients in mouthwash to help you to get rid of bad breath.

Tip Number Four floss daily have you ever smelled the little pieces of food that come out when you floss it is not pretty my friend I can't stress how important this is frosting will get rid of all the food particles in between your teeth and if you let them sit there for a while they smell really really bad and that smell is in your mouth all day I used to floss at work after lunch every day just to make sure I wasn't killing anyone with my breath during it working so if you can maybe just carry some floss with you to school or work and you're gonna feel so much cleaner after lunch.

Tip Number Five Is don't forget your tongue to be a hundred percent honest with you guys I actually didn't know that I had to Clean my tongue for a very long time and then I thought I could just brush it and that was it but actually that's not true when you Clean your tongue you do break down the food particles on it but they stay there and you're actually just moving them around you need a tongue scraper like this one here to actually remove everything from your tongue after you're done brushing it a tongue scraper is so cheap you can get it anywhere and it makes a huge difference in your breath so definitely make sure that you get one.

Tip Number six drink lots of water you probably notice this before but when your mouth is dry your breath probably stinks and there's a scientific reason behind that you need saliva to neutralize acids in your mouth and wash away dead cells that accumulate on the tongue the gums and cheeks and if you don't drink enough water your mouth won't really produce saliva and These cells decompose and can cause bad breath plus you know water is good for you so if you should be drinking a lot of water.

** Bonus Tips
 Always carry mints with you I can't tell you how many times I'm out with my friends having fun and then I reach into my pockets and where are my mints I forgot them and then all of a sudden your confidence level just drops a hundred percent it's so much easier when you have them on you because you know for sure that your breath is fresh if you just had a mint even if you just ate and didn't have time to brush your teeth the mint will help so every time I go out I double check for things my wallet my phone, my keys and gum or mints.

Pro Tip guys this one is very important make sure that you have some mints next to your bed so that if you end up having some company over and if you want any morning action at all you can just reach over and grab some mints in the morning So You Can Rid Off from bad breath in the morning..
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