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Jul 31, 2020

How To Stop Sweat On Armpit | 5 Best Way | Fashion & Lifestyle

 5 Best Way To Stop Sweat On Armpit


Today I post about how you can stop a very embarrassing moment from ever happening. Of course I'm talking about How to stop sweat armpit. Sweat on  armpit guys the truth is My Friend sweat more than the average guy all right his body just runs at a warmer temperature than most He even saw a doctor about it it was really embarrassing but he saw doctor a while back and he confirmed it he just said your body just runs a little bit warmer so you guys are not alone you know there's a lot of men and women out there who suffer from this I know it can be really embarrassing right you lift up your arms and boom right there the proof is just a big puddle and it's crazy because if nobody really worries about sweat on armpits until it happens once that's all it takes when it happens you're like mortified you're like what he do how do he fix this you know what he do to have do for this to go away and it's a hundred percent possible to make changes to your lifestyle to minimize your sweating today I'm gonna go over some of the easy everyday tips that you can do right now to minimize sweat and make sure that you're not embarrassed next time you lift your arms first the after shower cool down.

Number One Tip is first let's start with your showers (sweat on armpit) okay right after your shower you always want to make sure that you wait a few minutes before you get dressed or before you put on your deodorant so that your body has time to cool down think about it your sweat on armpit usually sweat for a few minutes after you shower especially if you're one of those people who love hot showers then definitely give your body just a few minutes to cool down you know this tip of swwat on armpit is even more important actually if you live in like a humid climate or if if it's just going to be a really hot day outside just because your body is going through all these temperature changes which is not good and it's gonna make you sweat even more let your body temperature normalize before you put on your clothes.

Number Two Tip is let's talk about some of the most common mistakes that cause sweat on armpits and the first one the most important one I think maybe it is wearing antiperspirant incorrectly it's a huge mistake that many men make if you have a problem with sweaty armpits then you probably already know that antiperspirant is pretty much the number one go-to for sweat protection right but do you know why do you know how it actually works you know the proper use of an anti purse it works better than a regular deodorant is because it contains aluminum alright aluminum actually clogs up your sweat ducts which makes you sweat on armpit a lot less because there's no place for it to actually come out so the problem is a lot of us men and women don't use it correctly first always make sure that you only apply on dry armpits even a tiny amount of moisture can block the aluminum which is the main solution and the only solution that you're applying there to fix your sweat problems make sure to apply it at the right time a lot of people get this wrong instead of applying it in the morning or after your shower you're actually supposed to do it at night I'm putting it on at night i gonna give the antiperspirant some time to be soaked into your glands for sweat protection so basically you just let it soak you're sleeping you're not sweating hopefully and that's going in there and clogging everything up now of course you can use it at other times too if you sweat more than the average guy than you need to put it on at night as well just to make sure you get the the full effects.

Number Three Tip is  your diet did you know that what you eat can actually seriously impact how much you sweat well it's true some foods who actually cause your body to sweat on armpit more than others so if you feel like sweating too much is a common problem for you then maybe you should just reconsider your diet foods to avoid are those that are high in fat because they actually cause you to sweat even more than other types of food garlic will do the same onions or anything obviously that's really hot or spicy or actually even ice cream which is the opposite here because of the dairy I know it sucks but it's true and if you're a coffee lover I'm sorry because drinking caffeine doesn't help this sweat on armpit situation either alright liquor doesn't help either including beer so I'm sorry there's just a few different types of food and then liquids that just don't sit well with the sweaty armpit situation but there are definitely types of food that will help you and make you sweat on armpit  less like lemons potatoes tomato juice green or black tea you know that will make a huge difference and honestly I'm just saying these are like if you're really sweating a lot and you need to drastically change something then you need to do all of these little things including changing your diet make sure they're you're not sweating as much for me coffee is my number one enemy like when I drink coffee I tend to sweat it is what it is I could be literally sitting right here not saying anything shirtless and it's like a nice day I have the air conditioner on if I drink too much coffee I'm gonna start sweating it's just what happens to my body so you have to understand how your body responds to specific types of food

Number Four Tip is your clothes you gotta wear the right fabrics you know you gotta wear something that is breathable if you ever notice the specific shirt in your closet for example that every time you wear it it just makes you sweat on armpit more than any other shirt well you might not even want to wear that shirt anymore because it's just embarrassing right I know because I've been there I bought some shirts and I'm like this thing I can't even breathe like I put it on and I start sweating right away and more likely than not the material in those types of shirts are like polyester right you want to avoid those as much as possible and instead you can try wearing fabrics that are way more breathable like cotton or obviously linen linen is my favorite you can breathe right through it air comes right through her you get the nice breeze you know those natural materials will definitely be better for you guys but sometimes it might not even be the fabric causing the problem sometimes when tops that are too snug between your arms which we know you like you know if you workout you're trying to show off your guns well it doesn't give you sweat on armpit any breathing room and you're going out somewhere and it's gonna be really hot right especially when you're going on at night and there's a bar there's a bunch of people and you're wearing like a tight shirt you literally feel it getting warmer and warmer and then moist and you don't want that but it will happen if you're wearing something that's a little bit too tight and it's not breathable and you know what sucks is when you go through your laundry and you pick up your shirt that you just washed and there it is stain one staying - it's your favorite shirt it sucks man it's like it's such a bummer because it happens to every guy no matter.

How much you sweat so you just have to make sure that you're paying attention to your diet paying attention to you know the right the type of fabric on that shirt and also paying attention to the type of deodorant that you're wearing and the reality is you might still sweat after all of this right so if you haven't found the right solution yet at least hide it or mask it with a darker trip something like black or dark navy will cover up a lot more than a light blue shirt for example you can also try super I call these super products there are it's still over-the-counter but this thing is insane this is a clinical strength antiperspirant this is called sweat block and yeah I came across just maybe like a year ago this little thing is so damn good at what it does because basically you just apply it at night it's a little pad or just apply it at night you leave it in as you're sleeping antiperspirant and you look like you don't sweat for like 48 hours alright I like to do this when I have anything important going on the next day like a work meeting or a flight or if you have to give a speech somewhere because anything that triggers that sweat anything you get nervous about or it's a it's a - too warm of a temperature I will sweat and this will literally clog everything and you're not going to sweat sweat block.

Number Five Tip is you can always see a doctor I did I talked to a doctor and he offered a couple of different things that we can do right if it's like a daily problem and you don't really have an over-the-counter solution if you've tried this you've tried that and it's not working talk to a doctor and he can actually give you like a special prescription for antiperspirant and if that doesn't work and you've like expired all of your options that I mentioned today and that the doctor has mentioned that you can also perform treatments like Botox injections now that is literally an amazing solution to the issue that will definitely work most of the time with the it'll definitely work and it lasts a long time you know considering the results it's actually not an expensive procedure and there is zero downtime it's a few injections and you're done alright guys hopefully this helped you guys I know it's sweat is like just such an embarrassing thing to write about an embarrassing thing to experience you know sometimes it's not even like about smelling bad it's just it just looks wet and you're just like man I wish it wasn't wet I wished it wasn't a puddle there so I could be a little bit more confident and I wouldn't have to be like walking around like this and not even being able to move my elbows out right so I want to share this technique with you. These tips and techniques of sweat on armpit will help you to stop in faster way.
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